Taste Nirvana


All Natural - No Sugar Added – Not From Concentrate.  
Pure & Fresh. Non-GMO, 5 Essential Electrolytes, No Preservatives.  

Taste Nirvana

Taste Nirvana Is Simply The Best Tasting. Our award winning taste sets us apart from others; our desire to share the best of Thailand’s flavors does too.

Premium.  Our coconut water is served in recyclable glass bottles & 100% Aluminum BPA-Free Cans.   

We Are The Coconut Experts + Pack Same Day As Harvest. We’re a third generation Thai family run business located in Thailand’s famous coconut region. Coconut water is part of our everyday culture and lifestyle.  Because of this, we’re able to pack on the very same day as harvest.  Makes a huge difference – try us, you’ll see!

We partner with the best farmers who hand select the finest coconuts, knowing when to pick for optimum natural sweetness and taste. We go from plantation to production - to you and your lucky taste buds. 

Dedicated To Green. We're proud to use eco-friendly packaging. Ours is an energy efficient factory solely fueled by steam driven by fast growing farmed trees and a natural water treatment system that recycles water used in our factory

We pride ourselves on our all natural production process, never using any preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. Because of this - variation in color, texture, and natural sweetness is more than normal. True nature, in our case coconuts, comes in many variations. You will discover the color of our naturally delicious coconut water can range from clear to a soft pale yellow.